Timber Processing Magazine Highlights Battle Lumber Company

Timber Processing magazine Associate Editor Jessica Johnson visits Battle Lumber in Wadley, Georgia. Thomas Battle, third generation Southern lumberman, doesn’t contain his excitement as he talks about Battle Lumber’s latest project at the operations site in Wadley. Long known as the largest single site hardwood lumber producer in the U.S., in addition to its substantial pallet manufacturing operation, Battle Lumber Co. has now built and started up a greenfield small log timbers mill that features a sharp chain primary breakdown system with an innovative infeed system. The Battles had talked about an expansion for several years, Battle says, as they explored ways to advance their operations and production. In 2012 they got very serious about it. “We’ve always tried to focus on investing back into our mills and make them as efficient and productive as possible. If we have the chance to increase yield or get a little more production, we’re willing to make the investment,” Battle says.