Dry Kiln

The Southeast’s Largest.

Since beginning the Dry Kiln Division in 1993, Battle Lumber has committed itself to producing quality kiln-dried lumber to its customers both domestically and internationally. Every expansion has occurred with one goal in mind – improving the consistency and quality of the lumber produced. It is this commitment to excellence which has resulted in the following major achievements:

  • 2 million BF of kiln drying capacity
  • Development of a 1.4 million BF Pre-Dryer to aid in preventing drying defects
  • Construction of a 100 bay sorter enabling us to provide customers with specific width and color sorts they require
  • s2s finishing capabilities
  • 5 million BF of Kiln Dried Lumber shipped monthly

“We take a special effort in the forestry part of it and keeping it in good shape.”

Craig Miller Vice President January 19, 2017


Global Shipping

We ship throughout the United States as well as these international destinations: